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Taxi in Bucharest


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All the taxis in Bucharest are yellow, they have a meter and the "Taxi" sign above and the operation license and the tariffs on the doors, outside. The tariff per kilometer is about 1.39 lei / km and there is an initial charge for departing that equals the price of one kilometer. Some taxi companies with expensive cars may charge 3.5 lei / km.

All taxis have electronic meters and the driver must start the meter as soon as he departs. If the driver doesn't start the meter, you should ask him to start it. Our recommendation is to use a taxi only if you must to do that and to pay attention to the tariff written on the driver or passenger door, outside.

Today, smart phones are very popular and there are many applications you can use to order a taxi in Bucharest. A very popular application among users is Star Taxi, a free application which you can download it from Google Play and App Store. Using this application you will know which taxi will arrive, the name of the driver, the feedback and so on. At the end of the ride you can rate the driver and you can pay by card directly from the application.

Also, each taxi company has developed its own application, just visit their website and find out more details.

Some of the taxi companies in Bucharest:

Speed Taxi
Phone: 0219477, 0722.109.477
Website: www.speedtaxi.ro

Taxi Cobalcescu
Phone: 021.9451, 0723.009.451
Website: www.autocobalcescu.ro/taxi/

Taxi Meridian
Phone: 0219444, 0219888, 0730.339.444, 0751.339.444
Website: www.meridiantaxi.ro

Taxi Cristaxi
Phone: 0219461, 0219466
Website: www.cristaxi.ro

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